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Immune Health is Wealth

Our immune system works hard to keep us healthy! It protects us against infections, bacteria, viruses, parasites, pathogens and other “creepy crawlers”. This is why we must be intentional about investing in our health on a daily basis. What exactly do I mean? The foods we eat either help build our immune system or break it down. Eating nutritious foods helps build our bones, blood, brain, muscle, heart, skin, eye, gut health and so much more. This is what boosts your immune system and makes it strong and healthy. Processed, sugary, fatty & fried foods on the other hand helps break down our immune system. The ultimate goal is to have a strong immune system to fight against anything that tries to make us sick. Seamoss is a powerhouse and a great addition to your daily diet. It contains 92 of the 102 minerals our immune system needs; all of which contribute to a healthy functioning body. What an amazing investment to our health!

Decide today to be more intentional about beginning your day with nutritional foods for breakfast. Instead of breads, meats and cheeses try fresh fruit or juice, smoothies and a spoon of seamoss. You’re going to feel amazing, look great and your immune system will thank you.

Get you some sea moss!!!

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